Oral Health is Gateway to Healthy Life!

Oral health and general health go hand in hand. Oral Health plays a vital role in general health.

Unfortunately lack of awareness, misconceptions and myth that dental treatment is expensive often leads to neglecting dental health. But this can have serious impact on general health.

Oral health is first step in digestion of food. If food is not chewed properly it cannot be digested properly. Decayed teeth or swollen gums act as source of infection. Bacteria present in mouth can mix with food and enter digestive tract and lead to infection of digestive system.

Research has proved poor oral health can affect blood vessels and heart. Infected gums can lead to passage of micro organisms in blood vessels. Microbes along with other factors leads to deposition of plaques in blood vessels leading to athrosclerosis of blood vessels. This can lead to reduction in blood supply and heart attacks.

Blood sugar levels and Gum health are connected. Poor oral health can lead to fluctuations in blood sugar levels. This can be dangerous specially in diabetics. Research has proven maintaining good oral hygiene and gum health shows remarkable improvements in blood sugar levels of diabetics.

Frequent Respiratory infections is another condition common in people with poor oral hygiene due to close proximity between mouth and respiratory system.  The risk is more in children below 5 years. This can seriously affect their immunity and thus interfere with their growth.

Oral health also affects kidneys and it can also have effect on pregnancy outcome.

Thus, Oral health doesn’t concern only your teeth and mouth. It has much greater impact on your body.

Oral Health also affects your personality and self confidence. Who can resist a person with beautiful healthy smile?

So, lets all take  Step towards Beautiful & Healthy Smile our Gateway to Healthy & Happy Life….

Dr. Varsha Sathe

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