Motherhood, Mouth & Much More…

Thinking about a baby, Visit your dentist! Sounds absurd? ? But its a fact. Before you plan a pregnancy its very important that you have a healthy body. On strong foundation we can build beautiful & strong building. Oral health makes a vital part of this foundation.

Why Pre-conception dental check- up is important??? Lets get to the facts.

  • Oral health or condition of your teeth directly affects the way you chew your food and thus your nutrition. Unless mother is healthy she cannot provide her baby nutrition he/she requires to grow.
  • Formation of baby’s teeth starts in first trimester of Pregnancy. Deficiencies during pregnancy can seriously affect this process resulting in weak teeth which are more prone to decay.
  • Dental pain is rated second most severe pain after labor¬† pain. Why not avoid one when you are on way to experience the other.
  • Dentist cannot prescribe medicines¬† without Gynecologist consent in Pregnancy. Many medicines used for dental infection can have adverse effect on baby. So, dental problems in pregnancy can often lead to long and painful wait for the treatment.
  • Certain dental procedures are contraindicated in first and last trimester of pregnancy. So, its wise to solve all your dental problems before you plan your pregnancy.

So, Pre -conception dental check up can give your baby a healthy start towards healthy life.

Along with this Oral health Care in pregnancy is equally important.

  • Pregnancy hormones increase the sensitivity to local irritants. This can lead to swelling and bleeding from gums. Maintaining proper oral hygiene, healthy diet along with regular professional cleaning can solve this problem.
  • Frequent vomiting due to morning sickness can lead to erosion of teeth leading to sensitivity. Gargling immediately after a vomit and intake of alkaline liquid can help to reduce erosion.
  • Research says Oral Health condition of mother can affect the pregnancy outcome. Mothers with poor oral hygiene are more prone to premature births, low birth weight babies.

So, ladies be wise while embracing a new & beautiful¬† phase of your life. Its a responsibility of mother to provide safe environment to the child. Why not take first step early….

Lets together make this world happier & healthier place for our children!


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