Little Mouth is Big Deal!


Oral Health is vital for general health. It is much more relevant when it comes to children. Foundation for healthy life is laid in early years of life. If the foundation is strong the journey of life becomes more beautiful. Having right information and access to all health facilities is right of every child.

In our country , Health specially Oral Health awareness is limited. So, Parents are in doubt about many issues related to Oral Health. What is right age to start caring for child’s teeth? What is correct age for child’s first dental visit ? Is it necessary to preserve milk teeth? This along with dental fear complicates the issue and children are deprived of proper oral health care. Lets become aware about different aspects of Oral Health.

Most commonly asked question to Dentist is why milk teeth should be preserved?

Milk teeth are as important as permanent teeth. They help to child to chew and digest food for almost a decade from 2 – 12 years. This period is very important in child’s growth. Milk teeth also help in speech. Loss of milk teeth early can lead to speech problems thus affecting child’s self esteem. It can have an impact on child on tender age. Milk teeth also hold position for permanent teeth. Early loss of milk teeth can lead to irregular teeth.

Teething : Milk teeth start erupting in mouth around 6-7 months. This can lead to swelling in gums, loose  motions sometimes fever. As teething starts child has a urge to put everything in mouth. If its not clean it can lead to infections leading to stomach upset and fever. So, taking care of cleanliness can avoid the infections. Massaging the gums, giving clean cold teething rings to chew can sooth the gums.

Well Baby Exam : First dental visit should be as soon as baby’s first tooth erupts in mouth or at least before first birthday. ADA ( American Dental Association) called it as ” Well Baby Exam” . In this visit dentist will not only examine the baby but he will also advise the parents about nutrition and brushing techniques to the parents. This can give your baby healthy start.

Early care plays a vital role in Oral health. Mother’s milk is best for the baby . If due to some reason breastfeeding cannot be done bottle feeding should be avoided. Use a katori and spoon instead. If bottle feeding cannot be avoided ; don’t add sugar to the milk. Clean baby’s gums with soft moist cloth after each feed.

From 6 months to 2 years clean baby’s gums and teeth with soft cloth or finger brush at least two times a day; Preferably after every feed. After 3 years , start using baby brush and paste to clean kids teeth. Make sure that child doesn’t swallow the paste. Around 6 years children can start brushing their teeth on their own. But Parental supervision is necessary till the age of 10-12 years specially at night.

You can figure out if your child has any teeth problem by observing the child. Early symptoms include food lodgement, sensitivity to cold and sweet food, black- brown spots or lines on teeth. If problem is detected early it can be resolved by simpler treatments. Sudden pain in tooth or swelling needs immediate dental attention; you should take your child to the dentist immediately.

Golden rules for Healthy Mouth :

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with flouridated toothpaste. Night Brushing is Must.
  • Gargle every time you eat.
  • Avoid sweet sticky junk food, carbonated drinks.
  • Eat well balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of water
  • Visit your dentist once in six months.

Lets work together to give our children healthy start. This children’s day gift your child healthy smile because



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